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80 Days Global is a unique initiative that transforms the pursuit of wellbeing into a global adventure, making every step count not just for yourself but for a greater cause.

Why 80 Days Global

An Immersive Experience .png

An immersive experience

Your team will be provided with interactive routes, so you can forge a path across land and sea in search of adventure. Celebrate when your virtual passport is stamped when you enter a new country and take delight in collecting photos of the beautiful and unforgettable moments of your unique experience.

Fully Inclusive.png

Fully inclusive

Participate in our unique virtual journey at your own pace, from anywhere and anytime, supporting a charity close to your heart. Every step counts, whether you are roaming the hills, or simply taking a stroll to the shops. Your contribution to the team's goal is significant. Yes! Every step truly does count!!

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Designed with you in mind.png

A unique journey across
the globe

Designed with you in mind

Get together with family and friends, colleagues, fundraisers, and chart the combined mileage your team achieves each day on one of our virtual routes across the globe. Our 80 day’s challenge is designed to capture your imagination and inspire you to walk or run that extra mile, so that at the end of the day you feel on top of the world…in more ways than one!

Whatever your purpose for signing up to 80 Days Global; whether it's to fundraise for a good cause, team building, or embarking on an exciting expedition with friends and family, our dynamic virtual journey has been designed to accommodate your reason ‘why’. Our mission is to inspire communities to embrace a healthy, active lifestyle and, above all, to have fun!

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Join your team

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Lead a team to
fundraise for charity


Take on the challenge
as a business


What We Offer

EMBARK ON VIRTUAL GLOBAL ADVENTURE: A journey of purpose, unity, and fun

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