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M5M - Join your team today!

Your unique virtual journey across the globe began on the 12th of March.  It's not too late to join the M5M team! Every member strengthens your fundraising efforts and brings you closer to your goal. Select "Join your team" below. Use your unique team code: K2HXNUVD.

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Steps to get you started & joined to your team!

The cost to participate as a team member is £14.99. We will donate £6.00 to your team's fundraising page on behalf of you joining your team.



Your team has been assigned a unique code. When you register to join your team, you will be asked to enter the code. 



Enter your miles manually or connect your mobile or compatible wearable device.



You're all set to join your team. The world is your oyster, so make it happen!  


Ready. Set. Go.

Top tips to get you started on your incredible journey across the globe in 80 days. 

A unique fundraising

To help you and your team with your fundraising campaign, we have created email templates and social media assets for you and your team to use when appealing to people to support your mission. 

Stay Connected.png

Stay connected

Before you step out on this global adventure, remember to connect your mobile or compatible wearable device. Alternatively, you can enter your miles manually. This will help us track your progress and celebrate your achievements together.

Invite new team members.png

Invite new team members

It’s never too late to invite new members to your team. Your friends and family are your biggest supporters, and by inviting them to join your team, you'll not only amplify the impact of your collective efforts but also make the journey even more memorable. Remember to share your team’s unique code. The more people in your team, the more money you are likely to raise for your favourite charity.

Get active and explore.png

Get active and explore

Always remember, no matter how you and your team members choose to be active, be it a walk or run, long or short, fast, or slow, you are all contributing to your team’s journey as you embark on this exciting adventure together! We guarantee every step will count towards your team’s target.

Share your fundraising.png

Share your fundraising initiative 

As you dive into this exciting challenge, don't forget to share your fundraising initiative on social media.  The power of social media is incredible, and the more people who know about what you're doing, the easier it will be to raise awareness and funds for our chosen charity. So, let the world know about your commitment, share your journey, and watch as your virtual team grows stronger.

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