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How to connect your wearable!

Ready to track your miles effortlessly? Here's how to connect your wearable device for the 80 Days Global Challenge:

a. Entering Miles Manually: If you'd rather input your miles manually, it's easy to do so. After logging in to the platform, navigate to the left-hand side and select "My Activities." From there, choose "Add New Activity" and input the miles you've completed.

b. Connecting Wearable Devices: For Fitbit or Garmin Users: Sync your device with the platform. For Google Fit Users: Don't have a Fitbit or Garmin? No worries! Download Google Fit on your phone and ensure you have a Google (Gmail) account. Get Google Fit on your phone before following the instructions below:

  1. Register and Pay: Sign up for your team's 80 Days Global challenge and pay the £14.99 registration fee.

  2. Enter Your Team's Code: Input your team's unique code during registration.

  3. Connecting Your Wearable Device: If you're using a compatible wearable device, select "Connect device." If you prefer manual entry, simply wait for the challenge to begin.

  4. Connect Your Wearable: If you chose to connect your wearable, follow the steps to "Connect with Terra." Then, proceed with the connection wizard and select your preferred method to link to the 80 Days Global platform.

  5. Ready, Set, Go!: Once your device is successfully synced, you're all set to start the challenge! In the "waiting room," you'll see the countdown to the start of your challenge and the number of team members. Let's make every step count towards our global journey!

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