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What are cookies?

Basically, cookies can be either tasty, sweet treats or - as we mean here - small text files which are stored on a computer or device when you visit a website. Cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognise a user's device, visit and preferences, and can help make sure you see relevant adverts or messaging.  

We also use cookies to understand how you found our website, how often you visit and how you use it when you're here.  


Types cookies of we might use 
All cookies on are used in accordance with current cookie law. We might use some or all of the following types of cookie:  

Strictly necessary cookie

A cookie falls into this category if it is essential to the operation of our website, supporting functions such as logging in, recording activities, game history, shopping basket and so on.  

Analytics cookies
We need to understand how you use our website, including how you move around it and what features you use. So we use analytics cookies to help us to collect this information, which helps us to improve the website and your experience when using it.  

Functionality cookies
These are used to support functions such as personalisation and remembering your saved preferences. Some functionality cookies can also be strictly necessary cookies.  

Targeting cookies
We use these to know how often you visit, and which parts of the website you have used (including which pages you've visited and which links you've visited). As with analytics cookies, this information helps us to better understand you and, in turn, to make our website and advertising more relevant to you.  

Third-party cookies
Our website lets you connect automatically with other websites and social media services, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These websites might (probably) also use cookies. We don't control how these third-party cookies work, so you'll need to check on the external website if you want to know how they use cookies.

Persistent cookies
Any of the above types of cookie may be a persistent cookie. Persistent cookies are those which remain on your computer or device for a predetermined period and are activated each time you visit  

Session cookies
Any of the above types of cookie might also be a session cookie. Session cookies are temporary and only remain on your computer or device from the point at which you visit until you close your browser. Session cookies are removed when you close your browser.  

Can I delete cookies?
Yes, of course. You can set your browser to reject cookies or you can delete them manually.   
But if you set your browser to not accept cookies from our website, it is likely that some parts of it and functions might not work properly, such as the signing in, and so on. 
For full information on how to delete cookies, please visit This link will open in a new window.   

More information
For more details of the personal data that we collect and use, the measures we have in place to protect personal data, your legal rights, and our legal obligations, please refer to our Privacy policy. 

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