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Life's Champions

Are you a born leader who motivates others to make the the world a better place?

Create a team to participate in 80 Days Global and fundraise for a cause you hold dear to your heart.

Engage. Empower. Elevate.

80 Days Global presents a dynamic solution that not only invigorates giving but also promotes individual and community wellbeing.

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Raising funds for a worthy cause

We believe 80 Days Global is a fun way to engage your community, whilst strengthening their sense of wellbeing, knowing every step they take on any given day is helping them to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle. When positive energy spreads through your team, the more money you will raise for the cause you care about!

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A unique fundraising opportunity

Our unique platform has been designed to ignite your team’s fundraising capabilities. The more members signed up to your team, the greater distance you will travel, and, yes, the more money you will raise for your favourite charity. 

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Keep your team motivated

80 Days Global, has been designed to encourage you and your team to stay true to your intentions every step of the way. Every step counts, whether you are roaming the hills, or simply taking a stroll to the shops. Your contribution to the team's goal is significant. Yes! Every step truly does count!

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Unite as a team to fundraise

When you’re looking to raise money for a charity, it pays to team up! Fundraising as part of a team provides you with the perfect opportunity to tap into the community spirit of the people you know, forge new bonds, and strengthen your group’s identity as you raise money for a cause close to your hearts. 

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Explore our fundraising package

To support your fundraising endeavours, we will make a donation of £6.00 in respect of each individual joining your team. This initial contribution aims to empower you and your team to make a significant impact from the very start.

per member

80 Days Global
Team Member

  • Access to a unique virtual journey across the globe
  • A virtual passport for each team member, stamped when you enter a new country
  • Virtual photo album of all your checkpoint achievements
  • Track your team’s progress and money raised to date through our interactive dashboard
  • Your team's very own social wall, so you can post pictures of those beautiful and unforgettable moments you capture along the way
  • Access to your team's stats on your journey to date
  • £6.00 contribution to kickstart your fundraising​​
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Take a firsthand look at the unique dashboard through our 80 Days Global simulator. Fill in number of team members, steps per team member per day, challenge day number and get an idea of how your 80 Days Global challenge could look!

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Seeking sponsorship ideas for your 80 Days Global challenge!

Here are some suggestions to help you ask for support from your family, friends, or colleagues.


Mile Sponsorship

Invite your loved ones to dive into the excitement by sponsoring your team on a per-mile basis throughout the 80 Days Global Challenge. They can pledge an amount for every mile covered by your team members during the adventure.

Recruit for your Team

Spread the word that it's never too late for others to join your ranks! Whether they sign up before the challenge begins or jump in midway, their participation strengthens your collective impact. 

One-Time Donation

Encourage your network to leave a lasting impact with a one-time donation to boost your team's involvement in the 80 Days Global challenge. Their contributions directly fuel your charity's  impactful work.

Checkpoint Sponsorship

Encourage your family, friends, and colleagues to join in the thrill of the 80 Days Global Challenge by sponsoring your team on a per-checkpoint basis. They can pledge an amount for every checkpoint your team reaches during this exhilarating journey. Each checkpoint reached signifies a milestone in your progress towards your goal, making their support even more impactful.

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