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Embark on an exciting virtual adventure from London to Dubai with 80 Days Global

Welcome to 80 Days Global, where the spirit of adventure meets the joy of giving!  Get active this spring with family and friends. Embark on this exhilarating journey from London to Dubai, the next start date is 1st July.

But here's the twist – it's more than just arriving at the destination; it's about savouring the journey itself. How far can you explore? Even if the target of covering all 5856 miles to Dubai remains a distant goal, every step taken by your team contributes to your voyage. With 16 countries to traverse, you'll uncover remarkable landscapes, cultures, and moments that define the path, all while raising money for your chosen charity.

Are you ready to take the leap and make memories that will last a lifetime? Register today to start your teams virtual journey with 80 Days Global!

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Connect. Empower. Elevate.

Our London to Dubai adventure offers a dynamic solution that not only revitalises giving but also enhances individual and community well-being.

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Your journey, your adventure

Picture yourself navigating through bustling cities, picturesque landscapes, and exotic locales. Each step brings you closer to a virtual passport stamp as you enter a new country, marking the milestones of your unique adventure. Capture the essence of your journey with delightful photos showcasing the beauty and unforgettable moments that unfold along the way. 

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Embrace the experience 

At 80 Days Global, our focus is not merely on reaching the final point, but on savouring every step of the journey. We inspire communities to embrace a healthy, active lifestyle. Make the most of the joy of movement, the camaraderie of your team, and the shared enthusiasm for a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Fundraising With a Purpose.png

Fundraising with a purpose

Come together as a team

The London to Dubai challenge offers a unique chance to create a positive impact. By integrating fundraising into your journey, you'll tap into community spirit, bond with friends and family, and work collaboratively toward a shared goal. Whether supporting a local charity or addressing a global issue, your efforts not only personally reward but also socially contribute, enhancing your group's identity.

Gather your team, lace up your trainers, and join us on this extraordinary quest. Embark on a virtual adventure from London to Dubai, fuelled by purpose and united in your commitment to make a difference. Together, you'll turn virtual miles into real impact, one stride at a time.

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Tailored virtual adventures: explore the globe with 80 Days Global 

Embark on an extraordinary virtual challenge with 80 Days Global. 
Whether you're a small group seeking an immersive experience from London to Dubai or, If you're a larger group craving an adventure as far-reaching as the Taj Mahal, Brisbane or circumnavigating the globe, our unique virtual adventures are custom-tailored to match the size of your team.

Boost your fundraising efforts

To support your fundraising endeavours, we will make a donation of £6.00 in respect of each individual joining your team. This initial contribution aims to empower you and your team to make a significant impact from the very start.

per member

London to Dubai

  • Access to a unique virtual journey from London to Dubai
  • A virtual passport for each team member, stamped when you enter a new country
  • Virtual photo album of all your checkpoint achievements
  • A social wall, so you can post pictures of those beautiful and unforgettable moments you capture along the way
  • Access to your team's stats on your journey to date
  • £6.00 contribution to kickstart your fundraising
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