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We Are 80 Days Global 

We are a small team of fun-loving people who want to reach out to those of you who are physically active or aspire to become fitter in order to improve your physical and mental well-being.


Our Mission

We’re Every Run Counts and we want you to love exercise. Sound far-fetched? You might be surprised!

​We all know how valuable exercise is for our physical and mental health. The problem is that too many of us see it as a chore and a source of additional pressure.

​We want to change this mindset and help you see exercise as something you do for yourself. Every Run Counts celebrates all movement – fast or slow, long, or short – it’s all good! By simply taking away the pressure to exercise, you’ll look forward to it more. As a result, exercise will help alleviate life’s stresses and you might find yourself moving more than you expect.

​How will we motivate you? Our new fun initiative, 80 Days Global, promises to capture your imagination and inspire you to improve your overall fitness and mental wellbeing, whilst building community through the power of exercise.

Join us on our mission to improve everyone’s physical and emotional well-being.


Community is a foundational value for 80 Days Global, embodying our commitment to fostering a sense of belonging and collaboration. It's a guiding principle that shapes our culture, interactions, and the positive impact we aim to make in the world.

Healthy body, healthy mind

Central to 80 Days Global is our core value that emphasises health as an enjoyable and communal experience. Picture transforming your daily walks into a virtual circumnavigation of the globe, simultaneously enhancing both physical and mental well-being. This principle guides us to redefine the way individuals approach health, making it a delightful and shared endeavour.

Supporting charitable causes 

At the core of 80 Days Global is our commitment to supporting charitable causes. We extend our focus beyond personal well-being, transforming our platform into a powerful tool that empowers teams to make a tangible impact through fundraising initiatives. 

This core value underscores our belief in the strength of collaborative efforts to create meaningful change in the world.

Core Values

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