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  • What is 80 Days Global?
    80 days Global is a unique virtual journey across the globe, which, in turn, promises to improve your overall physical and mental wellbeing.
  • What is the purpose behind 80 Days Global?
    Powered by Every Run Counts, our latest fun initiative has been created to encourage and motivate you to improve your overall fitness and mental wellbeing. It is as simple as that! Regardless of whether you are an athlete, avid hiker, runner, or someone who prefers to walk, rather than drive or catch a bus, we all share one thing in common: a healthy body and mind.
  • How does my team track its progress?
    You will be able to chart every mile you walk, or run on one of our interactive virtual routes. You can enter your miles manually or connect your mobile or compatible wearable device. You can see more of your data through your challenge statistics page on the platform.
  • How do I submit my mileage?
    Enter your miles manually or connect your mobile or compatible wearable device and you’re all set to join your team.
  • What types of exercise counts?
    80 Days Global celebrates all movement – no matter how you choose to be active, whether this is walking to the shops, engaging in a hike, or running in preparation for a big event, you are still contributing to your team’s journey as you embark on this exciting adventure together.
  • How can I raise money for charity by taking part in 80 Days Global?
    Our unique platform has been designed to ignite your team’s fundraising capabilities. The more members signed up to your team; the greater distance you will travel, and, yes, the more money you will raise for your favourite charity. 80 Days Global is working alongside GoFundMe, a community-powered fundraising platform, in order to provide you with a seamless experience.
  • I’m a team organiser, how can I recruit people to join my team?
    When you sign up for 80 Days Global, you will be provided with a unique code assigned to your team, make sure you share this code with your team members. When an individual registers for 80 Days Global, and redeem the code, they will automatically be assigned to your team. When you sign up for 80 Days Global, you will receive our communications toolkit packed with templated emails and social media assets to help you recruit team members.
  • Is there a fundraising target?
    When we set up your GoFundMe page we ask you for your fundraising target. You can edit your fundraising target after the challenge has begun, so don’t worry about changing your mind further along your journey.
  • Does 80 Days Global require me to travel?
    80 Days Global does not require you to travel. It’s a virtual journey across the globe.
  • Do you still have questions about creating a team to take part in 80 Days Global?
    The 80 Days Global team are more than happy to help you in setting up a team, please get in touch at
  • How do I join a team?
    Please contact your team leader who will provide you with your team's unique code which you will be asked to enter when you register. For further information on 'joining your team', please visit our 'join your team' page.
  • What are the steps I need to take to lead a team?
    Please visit our fundraising page to see more details on leading a team on our unique virtual journey across the globe. You will also have the option to book a call with one of our team members.
  • Is there a limit on how many team members can be in one team?
    There is no limit. However, the journey across the globe is approximately 35700 miles. Please use the 80 Days Global simulator (you will find this on our fundraising page) to see how far your team can go based on the number of members in your team and their average daily number of steps.
  • How do I connect my wearable device?
    Here's how to connect your wearable device for the 80 Days Global Challenge: a. Entering Miles Manually: If you'd rather input your miles manually, it's easy to do so. After logging in to the platform, navigate to the left-hand side and select "My Activities." From there, choose "Add New Activity" and input the miles you've completed. b. Connecting Wearable Devices: For Fitbit or Garmin Users: Sync your device with the platform. For Google Fit Users: Don't have a Fitbit or Garmin? No worries! Download Google Fit on your phone and ensure you have a Google (Gmail) account. Get Google Fit on your phone before following the instructions below: Register and Pay: Sign up for your team's 80 Days Global challenge and pay the £14.99 registration fee. Enter Your Team's Code: Input your team's unique code during registration. Connecting Your Wearable Device: If you're using a compatible wearable device, select "Connect device." If you prefer manual entry, simply wait for the challenge to begin. Connect Your Wearable: If you chose to connect your wearable, follow the steps to "Connect with Terra." Then, proceed with the connection wizard and select your preferred method to link to the 80 Days Global platform. Ready, Set, Go!: Once your device is successfully synced, you're all set to start the challenge! In the "waiting room," you'll see the countdown to the start of your challenge and the number of team members.
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